Saturday, 15 August 2015

My New York City Diary

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After just getting back from a trip to New York City, I thought it was about time to put together a few photographs and document my experience. Visiting was a dream come true and I have so many overwhelming thoughts about my holiday that I have decided to break it down to my favourite moments below. If you are heading there anytime soon, this should give you some ideas of places that are a must-do from me!

The Plaza Hotel: Visiting The Plaza Hotel has been on my bucket list ever since I first watched 'Eloise At The Plaza' and began daydreaming about residing in the magic hotel surrounded by horse drawn carriages and the City on its doorstep.  Living there may not be feasible in the future and staying there was definitely too many $$$ over budget; yet visiting one morning was just as wonderful. The interior inside was breathtaking (beautiful marble everywhere) and there were some quaint little bakeries and stores on the lower floor. I even came across an Eloise gift shop that definitely fulfilled my childhood dreams for the trip.

The High Line: What do you do when it's one of the warmest summer days reaching the early 30's? Get even closer to the sun and go to an elevated park of course. But equipped with a sunhat, breezy clothes and more then enough water, we battled through the heat and escaped the hustling streets. A converted railroad, this park gives an aerial view of the west-side of manhattan connecting the Meatpacking District to Chelsea. The hidden paradise of greens was the perfect journey with impressive views.

Chelsea Market: The High Line led us to Chelsea Market. A once factory that is now used as a beautiful plaza. With a room full of independent sellers leading into a valley of bookstores, cafes, tea, spice and flower sellers and even an Anthropology. The decor inside was a must-see in itself! The magical look of wishing wells and fairylights mixed with the industrial structure of exposed brickwork and piping was an oxymoron that worked a treat.

The Hunger Games Exhibition: Utter luck that one of my favourite books/movies was running an exhibition at the same time as my visit. The exhibition involved seeing behind-the-scenes, props and extra information about the trilogy. As a textiles students I also loved seeing the details of costumes from the film and of course the actual Mocking Jay pin worn in the film (ahh!). If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, it is definitely worth a visit: Having said this, my Dad of whom had never heard of the series beforehand, enjoyed himself just as much as me.

Central Park: We came back on the last day and got caught in horrendous torrential rain fall that definitely shone a new light (or perhaps rain?) on the park. Yet Central Park was just as incredible on this now grey morning. The Park is so large that we only touched the surface; and even then found it necessary to take a bikecab back to the streets. It was $25 well spent however as we got a tour of the park including some of the movie spots such as the snowball fight in Elf and some moments from Home Alone 2 (ahh! fan girl again).

Some other highlights were of course going up the Empire State Building, visiting Times Square, trying (and getting confused at) the Metro system and exploring Manhattan from Fifth Avenue to Wall Street and back up to Soho.

So that was my trip, and New York.. you were wonderful.