Thursday, 30 August 2018

Take Two

 (hello?.. is this thing on?) 

Many things have changed since last being active on this site. I've just turned 21, the monumental age of reaching adulthood (equally terrifying and exciting).  I now have a degree in Marketing and Management (flyin first class) which is an area I am super interested in and hope to integrate into areas of this site. Many of my passions, views and feelings have altered and grown as I said goodbye to my teenage years. Not to mention I am surrounded by new, inspiring and incredibly loving individuals in my life.

Yet so much is similar:  I am still very passionate about the fashion industry creatively. When I can, I travel! Immersing myself in different cultures whilst gaining life-changing knowledge is one of the most rewarding things in my personal life. My devotion for listening to lots of music (jazz, hip-hop, pop, you name it) is still going strong too! With all that has stuck and likewise transformed,  I am moving onto the next chapter in my life after spending three years in university and have decided it is the perfect time to refresh this blog. Especially with Summer coming to an abrupt end thanks to Britain's unpredictable weather: The new month is about to begin and it is all about the fresh start and time to flourish! 

So look forward to new content on here with a mixture of fashion, lifestyle, travel and photography, just like before. Yet get ready for some adjustments to content now I am at a monumental point in my life where change is necessary to be divine and exciting things are about to happen! 

Luce x


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